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brno spilasBrno is the heart of South Moravia and the capital of the region. Given its cosmopolitan atmosphere and friendly citizens, the city is very attractive to all sorts of visitors, offering a wide range of entertainment opportunities and experiences to suit every visitor. Make sure you try the amazing traditional cuisine, beer and wine! Come and discover Brno’s charm for yourself!

  • Brno is the capital of the South Moravian Region, which is home to almost 1.1 million inhabitants.
  • The second largest city in the Czech Republic, Brno has a population of almost 400,000. A further 150,000 commute regularly to Brno for work, school, or entertainment.
  • Strategically located in Central Europe and having an international airport just outside the city, Brno boasts excellent accessibility.
  • Brno is the seat of the Supreme Court of the Czech Republic. brno_tram
  • The city’s dominant sights include the Špilberk Castle and Fortress and SS Peter and Paul’s Cathedral on top of the Petrov hill.
  • With three university campuses and 14 universities further divided into as many as 34 different faculties, Brno is a university city that provides education to more than 86,000 students.
  • Home to many Czech and international business companies, Brno is a traditional centre of industry and trade.
  • Thanks to its ideal position in the centre of Europe and a large number of accommodation facilities, Brno is a sought-after destination for trade fair and congress tourism and business events.
  • Brno has a large exhibition centre that hosts many local and international shows and other activities every year. husova
  • Brno is an important cultural and social centre with numerous unique events that help to increase the attractiveness of this destination for international tourism.
  • Brno is the seat of two important state institutions, the oldest museums in the Czech Republic: Moravian Regional Museum and Moravian Gallery.
  • Brno is a city closely associated with the composer Leoš Janáček and the scientist Gregor Johann Mendel.
  • Brno boasts one of the most famous Functionalist residential villas in the world – Villa Tugendhat (listed among UNESCO heritage sites since 2001).
  • Another six UNESCO sites are situated within 100 kilometres of Brno.
  • Brno offers a vast range of sport and leisure activities.
  • Brno is proud to have one of the best-equipped observatories in the world.Komenského_náměstí,_Brno
  • Brno offers year-round tours of an extensive and unique network of underground passages: the Labyrinth under the Cabbage Market, the Mintmaster’s Cellar, and the Ossuary under St. James’ Church.
  • Brno has a remarkable clock that shows the time in an unusual configuration – every day at 11 a.m. one lucky person can catch a glass marble that drops from it.
  • If you are in Brno at night, you will find that it is easy to get around.

Cost of living

The cost of living in Brno depends much on a student’s lifestyle. In general, student’s monthly expenses can be around CZK 11,000 (EUR 400) or even lower. For orientation the average gross wage in the Czech Republic is around CZK 25,000 (EUR 960) and the minimum gross wage is CZK 8,000 (EUR 320).

Some examples of daily expenses


In the university halls of residence the rent is about CZK 2,500 (EUR 100) per month. In the private accommodation a single room in a student flat usually costs around CZK 4,000-6,000 (EUR 160-240).


At a restaurant the average price of a meal is around CZK 150 (EUR 6); during lunchtime the menu costs approximately CZK 80 (EUR 3). Groceries for a month CZK 2,800 – 3,500 (EUR 100 – 130).

Loaf of bread CZK 30 (EUR 1,2 ) Milk CZK 20 (EUR 0.8 ) Hotdog CZK 20 (EUR 0.8) Beer (pub) (0.5l) CZK 30 (EUR 1,2) Fruit juice (pub/restaurant – 0.2l) CZK 30 (EUR 1,2) Coffee CZK 30-40 (EUR 1,2-1,6)


Monthly public transport ticket for students < 26 years old CZK 275 (EUR 11) Monthly public transport ticket for students > 26 years old CZK 550 (EUR 22) One way ticket to Prague (Student Agency coach) CZK 200 (EUR 8) Petrol (Natural 95) 36 CZK/l (EUR 1.4) Cinema ticket CZK 100-150 (EUR 4-6)

Mendel University canteens provide more than 2,500 meals every day. The meals and other assortment are offered not only to students of MENDELU but also to other people or organizations. There is a choice from at least 4 meals including the vegetarian alternative. Students can also buy additional groceries in several snack bars on campus.

How it works:

All students of Mendel University have access to UIS (University Information System) where their canteen account is automatically established. After that the students should go to any of the canteen cash desks and place at least CZK 100 (EUR 4) on the account. Then they can go and buy meals immediately.

Canteen at Academia – building “Z”

Address: tř. Generála Píky 7, 613 00 Brno Opening hours: Monday – Thursday 11:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m., Friday 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. Canteen offers 6 different dishes (1 vegetarian), la minutes, vegetables salads, snacks, drinks, sweets and biscuits, desserts. The canteen Z provides the capacity of 160 seats

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